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Eugenio Luciano

Eugenio Luciano.jpg

Doctoral Researcher / Scientific Assistant

Telephone: +49 761 203 3444

Email: eugenio.luciano@geschichte.uni-freiburg.de

Office N°: 4407, KG IV


University Education 

Eugenio Luciano obtained his bachelor's degree in philosophy at University of Rome La Sapienza in 2016 with a thesis focusing on ontologies of the human being within the Western philosophical tradition. 

In 2018, he completed an MA in environment and natural resources at the University of Iceland, working on the theory of the Anthropocene between natural, social, and human sciences. He is currently researching on the topic of the 'Anthropocene hypothesis.' 


His doctoral research studies the structure and birth of the Anthropocene Hypothesis. The research merges themes in philosophy of geology with text mining and discourse analysis. His areas of interest lie in Anthropocene Studies, history and philosophy of science, traditional epistemology, and philosophy of geology.



"Epistemology." Philosophy is awesome   (Spring 2020). Forthcoming.

"Philosophical skepticism." Philosophy is awesome  (Spring 2020). Forthcoming.

"Justified True Belief." Philosophy is awesome   (Spring 2020). Forthcoming.

"The Bears' Famous Invasion of Novaya Zemlya."  Environment & Society Portal,  Arcadia  (Autumn 2019), no.41. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.  

Book Review: The Anthropocene as a Geological Time Unit: A Guide to the Scientific Evidence and Current Debate   (2019). Global Environment,   12 (2), pp. 436-444.

Workshop Report: The Anthropocene: Challenging the Disciplines  , In  Seeing the Woods. A Blog by the Rachel Carson Center,  July 16 2019.  

Book Review: Quest for the Unity of Knowledge, by David Lowenthal , In  Seeing the Woods. A Blog by the Rachel Carson Center , March 7 2019.



"The Anthropocene and Climate Change." Presentation held at "Everything changes: climate, society, landscapes in historical perspective.” Tyumen, Russia, November 13, 2020

"Going Too Far: an Epistemological Account of the Differences between Skepticism and Denialism." Paper presented at "Political Ecologies of the Far Right." Lund, Sweden. November 16, 2019.

"Can We Envision a Greentopia in the Anthropocene?"  Paper presented at "Greentopia: Ideas, Concepts and Institutional Proposals." Vienna, Austria. October 12, 2019.

"The Anthropocene in its Early Scientific Phase (2000-2009): Objects and Objectives."  Paper presented at "ESEH 2019: Boundaries in / of Environmental History." Tallinn, Estonia, August 22, 2019.


Courses (University of Freiburg)

SoSe 2020 
Exercise: Theories and Methods in the History and Philosophy of Science: A Practical Introduction 


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